How long does it take to ship a product?

It takes 5-7 business days to align the dispatch of the products, sometimes sooner too. However, due to the current pandemic, there can be unexpected delays in couriers so please keep the same in mind while placing orders.

How do I know that the products being sold are authentic ?

Every item which is listed goes through a verification process at our end and then only do we put them forward to our parents for purchase.

How do I pay for my purchase ?

We only work with online payment options such as - paytm, upi, bank & razor pay. We do not offer COD as a payment option.

How do I make a purchase ?

Kindly dm us for products which are on stories on our Instagram handle. Also we have a database which can help us find items you may be in search of.

What If I receive a damaged product or a product that isn’t in the condition as shown?

We share all images as with any other marketplace online and also mention the conditions, usage etc. All sales are final unless there is an undisclosed damage or malfunction which must be informed within the first 2 days of receiving the product. We do not take any responsibility of the functionality nor do we guarantee/warranty any products, unless the product comes with warranty /guarantee.

Who takes care of the logistics?

All logistics would be taken care of by SoldResold and its delivery partners. Once a sale is made, the seller is responsible for the safe & secure sanitizing, cleaning & packaging of the product as per our packaging guidelines. Thereafter, once ready, we will align a local or inter-city delivery agent and will keep you informed about the same depending on the location of the buyer. Please note we do-not take any responsibility for any in-transit damages so kindly package your products as you would like to receive them. For any outstation packages, our team will send you an AWB which will need to be printed and stuck on the package for dispatch.

How will I get paid?

All payments are made 14 days post the delivery of the product. We follow this protocol to ensure that our buyers are safeguarded from any malfunctions or undisclosed damages and products are sold as per the conditions shown to them. Once a sale is made, we will send a confirmation email and also ask for your Bank/Paytm/UPI details and the same will be aligned as due.

Can I list my items on multiple platforms?

All items listed with SoldResold have to be exclusively listed and if they are found to be listed on other social media platforms, we will delist the same with immediate effect and communicate the same to you via email.

How do I delist my product?

For any reason, if your listed product is not available for sale any longer, kindly send us an email on contact@soldresold.com and inform us so that we donot continue sharing it with other parents.

How do I know that my products are confirmed for listing with you?

Once we have the completed details of your product, you will receive a confirmation email from our team. We do not list all products on social media and also work with parents via DM, email & so on for their specific requirements.

How many days does it take to sell a product?

While we can’t guarantee a sale, we do guarantee our best efforts in trying to rehome your products. However, the average window is 10-60 days once we have the completed details with us. We are a growing platform and the needs of parents vary hence while some items may move quickly, some maybe need based or seasonal & might take longer. We can always review your listings if they haven’t moved in the time frame for any reason.

What can I sell?

Please refer to the product category shared on the website.

How do I list my products on SoldResold?

You can follow the guidelines on the website and send the same to us via email on contact@soldresold.com. Please note that products listed with us cannot be listed on any other social media platforms. We take 20% of the sale price as our commission so kindly mention the selling prices including the same.