The ease of selling products with soldresold is unbeatable.. also they are super prompt.. I sold quiet a few of the big furniture items and in a matter of hours it was sold and a shipping label was created. All I had to do is pack and wait for the pickup. I wouldn't have sold those items and they would be lying unused in my home if the process was not so seamless.. Thank You!

A dear friend introduced me to your startup, and have been sold on it ever since because I truly believe in being as mindful and sustainable when it comes to shopping. A big thank you to SoldResold for finding me a Fisherprice jumperoo that my daughter absolutely loves it!!

Sold re sold is a terrific platform. And I love the simple idea behind it: to reduce waste. New age parents tend to go overboard buying a lot of stuff which often is never ever used. So it’s nice to see things bought with love and care, finding itself being used.

I’ve been wanting to thank Shradha & Heena for long. Since I’ve got to know about your platform, I am so happy to recycle the products. It gets us free space and some money back. I’ve sold so many items through you’ll and the entire process is always so seamless. I also appreciate your prompt payment system & not once have I needed to question. Thank you

I have been using soldresold since it first launched. I feel it's an amazing idea! Baby products are soo expensive and most are only useful for a few months. Soldresold has allowed me to indulge in all the products I want for my little one without feeling guilty. And the personal touch and efficiency with which it is operated makes it all the more special for me

SoldResold has been a lifesaver in my first few months of motherhood! As a paranoid first time mum with hoarder tendencies, it’s so good to know that my beloved baby treasures are being passed on to other mums and babies who will continue to enjoy them, rather than being stored for years and going to waste. Shradha is fantastic and has my entire wish list at the tip of her fingers

SoldResold is very efficient and it has played a great role in making up-cycling very acceptable( cool) and normal . It has been amazing working with them. SoldResold is the perfect example of reduce ,reuse and recycle. They have been very quick with replies and sales and that just assures how committed they are as a brand .

SoldReSold is my go to for anything baby related. They helped me secure the much coveted Mamaroo during the Covid Pandemic which was just amazing. I constantly looking at their stories and posts on Instagram for updates on gently used and brand new products that other moms don’t need anymore. Thank you SoldReSold for making reusing and recycling baby products easy!

I’ve rarely seen an online platform that’s as efficient as sold resold. I’ve sold a number of my pre loved items using them and not just has the turn around been quick the prices have been very reasonably to me as a seller and as a buyer ! I’ve also enjoyed browsing through their pre loved items for my kids and have found some hidden gems. Several items that are unused and in spectacular condition with great prices. What more can one ask for. Keep it up sold resold team!

Up cycling and getting quality products at a great price is the need of the hour , especially when a new baby is around . I am sure all moms agree. Sold re sold is a amazing platform which does exactly this not only does it upcycle but by being a part of it we are even helping our planet . I have bought a couple of things and let me tell you that the quality of the products have been top notch . Being a dentist I know hygiene and sanitization is of utmost importance and sold re sold looks into every aspect. Thank you soldResold

It's been a pleasure working with Sold Re Sold to procure items that sometimes seem impossible to find. I love how the mindset is shifting from only wanting new items to considering preloved items. It's such a boon. I personally love procuring items for my clients through them. Every item comes in great condition and arrives timely. Kudos to this venture.

Thank you for making upcycling a very acceptable and normal concept! It is so sustainable and economical- and even though I love indulging my son it does make me feel slightly guilty knowing that he will outgrow this in just a few months. My son is only 18 months old and he outgrows clothes, shoes, and even his toys in a way. Now, with SoldResold every time I buy something it makes me feel less guilty in not only buying new stuff as I know I can pass it on, but in also buying pre-used stuff! Not only is the concept great, but even the end to end process is so smooth - right from ordering the product, picking it up and even reselling! With the quality check done by them, I don't really have to check the product. Thank you once more for starting this initiative!

We live in a time where everyone thinks about sustainability and being wasteful in their daily lives. When it comes to having a baby, you end up collecting so much stuff most of which just sits there after a couple of uses. I had made an effort to make sure every purchase for my baby was made from a certified all organic & sustainable brand. When it came to picking a stroller, as a parent you want the best but it makes you think what’s really worth it. Soldresold provides a perfect solution to that problem as you get the brands you’re looking at while staying true to your values. The whole process is made easy by the sweetest girls behind it.

It was amazing working with you. When it comes to selling baby products, I think no one can compete with you . SoldResold is very efficient and result oriented in its job. I have Already received the payment before the due date. Thank you once again for your business and looking forward to new deals in the future

I was looking to buy activity centers when I came across soldresold. I always believe in reduce and reuse hence this gave me a good chance to invest in good quality preloved products that they share. It is a great initiative and I wish them the best!